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Here, use my (virtual) machine

I'm currently compiling postgres on my machine, which I imagine will take a little while. I'm not sure why the PPC is so much slower than the P4 for compiling; I'd have thought the P4 lost out due to its ludicrously long pipeline. Maybe Intel's branch prediction is a lot better. Maybe I don't have a clue :-)

Anyway, whilst that's compiling I came across something new to me. The Python Web Developer Appliance is a project to distribute all the major python web frameworks, together with back-end databases and other handy open-source tools, running on BSD, so that development doesn't end up being sys-admin for the first three days of trying a new technology. This is done by distributing the whole thing as a VMware virtual machine.

That seems like a really nice idea. I can see it happening more in the future, though clearly in an ideal world all the dependencies would install automatically when we installed a new framework anyway. Sadly, that's a rather hard problem. Whilst apt works wonders with standard packages, and easy_install is dealing with python packages and dependencies nicely, integrating the two is still a major problem.

Ooo, install finished, that was fast. Gotta go!
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